Welcome to The Bristol Hub

This new website is an alternative property resource which aims to assist people in the Bristol area source appropriate properties and housing services. Please use our search engine to find appropriate housing and relevant support.

Landlords who are interested in working with HB claimants can find the perfect match through the Bristol Hub. We believe that the "needs specific" search facilities will allow for both landlords and potential tenants to find the right property. If you are a landlord you can sign up for your "personal login" details which will allo you to post your properties.

Support Workers can use this website to help client source properties without spend valuable time on phones attempting to find landlords who will house a HB Claimant. We envisage the Bristol Hub being a One Stop Shop fo housing and housing related support. Bristol Hub will keep you up to date on current property availability and will also allow potential tenants to search independantly of housing support workers.

The Bristol Hub also hosts a wide range of information on Bristol based support services. You can search for Floating Support, Charities, Therapy Services, Health Services, and Education, Training and Employment Services. We hope that this will benefit the people that use the website for needs which are related to them sustaining tenancies.